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Project Description

J&M Garage Door Repair had a garage door repair project in Cheyenne, WY.  The homeowner called for an emergency garage door repair service since their garage door broke and they could not open it. We responded quickly to their request for garage door repair Cheyenne as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door repair company.  We were able to replace the garage door opener so that the homeowner could use their garage again.

A dependable garage door company like J&M Garage Door Repair provides professional services for a variety of garage door repairs. Your garage door is an important entry point for your home and should be properly maintained. When something does not look or operate correctly, it is wise to contact a garage door repair company. They provide a variety of services that can address many issues.

The right time to reach out to a professional garage door technician

Though a garage door system may seem complicated, including many moving parts, a trusted garage door company will have the experience to help with any problem. Issues can occur anytime with both high-tech garage doors and standard garage doors too. So you should have a clear understanding of what to look for, so you can point out the issue if you need to call a professional residential garage door repair company for help.

Determining a garage door problem

Let's take a look at one of the most common types of garage door problems you may encounter. As you learn to diagnose these problems, you can provide the garage door repair company with relevant information. Garage door repair companies have the best experience for your garage door repair problems and a team of highly skilled and qualified technicians.

Reasons why garage door chains get loose

Once a gear and sprocket start to break, the chain will begin to loosen up quickly. Another reason for this problem is when too much tension is put on the chain while it is being installed. Changes in weather can also be an issue, as temperatures can be a problem in areas with extreme weather conditions (from hot summers to cold winters).

A professional garage door repair technician can easily replace garage door components such as the sprocket assembly and gear (which are located within the garage door opener motor cover). Once the new sprocket and gear are replaced, the travel limits and force limits of the mechanism are reset. Be aware that if the cover is removed, parts can be exposed and broken. Thus,  relying on a garage door professional is a wise choice. It is recommended that you check on the manufacturer's warranty to make sure you are covered under their warranty for a specific period of time.

Another reason is when the front sprocket is broken. You can find this part wrapped in a chain at the end of the opener rail near the garage door opening. Contact an experienced residential garage door repair technician to have this issue resolved.

As discussed, garage doors can have many different issues that a professional garage door repair company can resolve. Bear in mind that it would be risky to repair it yourself as it requires expertise and experience to fix a garage door. Knowing some facts about your garage door problems will provide you with an advantage. Always reach out to dependable garage door repair technicians like J&M Garage Door Repair to handle any garage door problem.

J&M Garage Door Repair is dedicated to be experts in garage door repair and installation. We know how to do this the right way so allow us to assist you with choosing the right garage door for your property, maintenance of your existing garage door, or providing a quote for new garage doors. You can rely on our team to help as we cover commercial and residential garage door repair services. Just call us anytime at (307) 222-3830 so we can provide assistance to you since we also cover services for Cheyenne, WY residents and the surrounding area.

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