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Project Description

J&M Garage Doors had a garage door repair project in Cheyenne, WY.  The homeowner called for emergency garage door repair service since their garage door broke and they were unable to open it. We responded to their request for garage door repair Cheyenne quickly as the homeowner was looking for a residential garage door repair company.  We were able to replace the garage door quickly so that the homeowner could use their garage again.

Can I open the garage door manually if it stopped working?

It might be dead batteries on your remote or a broken garage door spring. You will have to use your spare key if the only entry to your house is through your garage door. Another option would be to have an emergency key release installed, which would release the emergency disconnect to the opener. Then you would be able to open the garage door manually.

There are different causes why your garage doors won’t open or close. We shall take a look at some garage door issues experienced by homeowners or business owners as well.

Garage door issues 

Garage door won’t open even if the motor is running

Check for broken cables. Also, check the tension if it is off. Note that photosensors might have alignment issues too.

Garage door won’t open all the way

One reason why garage doors stop opening halfway or shutting down halfway would be there are broken springs. Another cause might be adjustments that are needed for the limit settings. It is essential to spray the track with lubricant regularly.

Garage door wall switch not functioning right

The LED light alerts you if there is a power interruption and the outlet is not working. It also shows if there is something wrong with your garage door. There are times that there are issues with the logic board or wiring on the opener or remote.

Remote is out of order

If batteries run out, they would need to be replaced. Check your position while pressing the remote if you are out of range. Ensure that the motor antenna is not blocked from the signal or if it is broken.

With these symptoms discussed above, you don’t have to wait around once you notice any of these common indications of garage door malfunction or garage door opener failure. You must act fast and reach out to a dependable garage door repair service company before it’s too late. Also, you must be aware that it could pose a danger when the opener stops functioning while the door is in motion. Never deal with it alone, as you might be injured.

So as you see, garage door repairs can vary, and a trusted garage door repair company such as J&M Garage Doors can be relied upon to handle any garage door problems you encounter. Learning the different types of garage door problems will make it less complicated for you to relay these issues to a garage door company. Never forget, you should never try and fix the problem yourself. Always hire a professional to repair any garage door problem dependably.

At J&M Garage Door Repair, we specialize in the repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance of garage doors in Cheyenne, WY.  If you are concerned about the quality, cost, and reliability of our service, you can trust our residential garage door repair company. We assure you that J&M Garage Doors will provide you with the best garage door repair services in the area at the best prices. Call us today at (307) 222-3830, and we will respond to your request as soon as we can.

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